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Lucha Libre 2 also features the new dynamic reels from San Guo Zheng Ba, with a minimum number of lines needed to be displayed. One must wonder if all the new RTG slots are actually in development after all. The Video Poker at Bellagio games use poker chips called "poker chips" and the jackpot is always doubled on the jackpot tables. Perhaps a new version of the Lucha Libre 2 reels could be published by RTG, but without knowing which one, it's hard to be a positive in this regard. As you might already know, RTG, in its recent announcement of San Guo Zheng Ba Reel Technology, promised that the reels would arrive with two more reels, both at 25, 50 or 70 reels.

The Kingdoms of China Presented in New Rtg San Guo

The Kingdoms of China Presented in New Rtg San Guo

Video selected by: SF Studio

While that sounds pretty good, the real question is, if that is actually the case, whether RTG will be able to produce high quality reels like they have previously promised. We can imagine that RTG will develop several reels at a time (with a maximum number of reels at around 6, in addition to 2 new reels a year, which means that the total size of San Guo Zheng Ba Reel Technology has increased significantly already). The Respin Rhino is now available for purchase in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

San Guo Zheng Ba

While it's unknown where RTG will produce new reels, itsafe to say that its recent launch of San Guo Zheng Ba Reel Technology would be the first time in a while that RTG is showing more innovation in the reels department than it originally announced. For all those who might want to buy RTG, the company seems to be planning to make only two more reels per week (at 50 reels, and that's not including their new, fully compatible 3D Palyine Reel, or the high end Lucha Libre 2 reels with 60 and 80 reels each. Bonus codes for this game type may allow players to use all of the slots available in the same game genre. With a maximum of 12 reels per slot, that'd be 7 reels for each slot.

We would have liked to see RTG develop more affordable high end reels, but this seems unlikely as many of the reels that RTG made seem too limited to be usable, and they lack the functionality of higher-end RTG reels.

Additional points:

  • You will enjoy many, many hours of fast gameplay, and when you are done with your one spin on the San Guo Zheng Ba online slot you will be in the clear and will be rewarded with 300+ points to spend on exclusive in-game activities! What do you get for your investment? You won't have much to worry about, with the San Guo Zheng Ba at a premium if you are a real fan of the movie The Hobbit.With its highly entertaining and dynamic interactive combat, all-new online gambling and the possibility of having 3 battles to try the next day - that's an unbeatable amount of fun for those who love fast, online gameplays.
  • The company even offers a set bonus: if a player gets a 10 out of 10 on a new slot, they earn 50 free spins (San Guo Zheng Ba free games with multiplier of 3x). But the best part of the San Guo Zheng Ba online slot is the beautiful animated graphics. All in all, The San Guo Zheng Ba game is a spectacular Chinese online slot.
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