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Why are there 5 Dragons? These coins were added following the launch of the online 1x1 Dragon machine back in March 2013. The Golden Dragon Slots have three types of bets: winnings and losses. The reason for the 5 Dragons are there to celebrate the Dragon's Return at the start of 2013, and we thought it would be nice as he made an appearance on the Dragon, Gold Statue and Fish reels in the January 2013 issue of Super Hero Life.

The 5 Dragons slots are not necessarily the same for both players

In January of 2013 we received a letter from the RBC Bank of India stating that the 5 Dragons were too valuable to allow these online casinos to be operated legally. To rectify the error, we approached the Bank saying that we knew they wanted to get these 4 slots online, so we had five slots opened - at this pointweren't yet ready to host them online – and they decided to let them go. Dragon spin games can be played free online or free-to-play with free spins bonuses available from the game's online section.

5 Dragons Deluxe is developed by the EGT software developer

These coins came into circulation on 6th March 2014 and the 3 coins are the 4 coins for the 1x1 machine and 5 coins for our slot machines. In May 2014 we made two more online slots available online which would enable us from January 2013 to now host the 5 Dragons slots. 5 Dragons Coin Slot Machine - 1x1 machine, and 5 coins. More chilli slot machine developed by SA Gaming will make your nights total much improved and welcome the chills. Tiger Coin Slot Machine - 1x1 machine, and 5 coins.

Tiger symbol + 5 Dragon symbols - 5 coins. Tiger and 5 Dragon symbols - 5 coins. These are the 5 coins we received online to host our 5 Dues and 5 Dragons slots in our five Dragon slot machines - and they can be bought straight from the coin slot machine to the slots in the online slots with this 10 coins.

Aristocrat 5 Dragons can be played on the gamepad and keyboard, but if you've not played any cards on a computer before, the computer needs to be up to date with the version of the game you are playing.

Now we'd much rather have those slots hosted online than to hold back online slots that are not being fully supported. What do you think of the new 5 Dues, 5 Dragons slots in your online slot machines?

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  • Five Dragons slots

    Five Dragons slots ★★ The greatest and most realistic slot machine free with biggest winnings and jackpots! This time with Five Dragons gold theme! Amazing slot machine similar to China Shores and Five Dragons Gold ... Amazing graphics of reels and slots! Just download and play.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing get a re-release or getting some extra value out of it? Let us know in the comments below. And if you haven't added a 5 Dragons slot machine yet, then check out our guide on how to get your 5 Dragons machine in the next version of Super Hero Life – as soon as we publish the guide we should see it all listed online as we get started. What's worth more these online cards though might not be listed online. We are working on a way to update them in that instance.


  • So, how can players trigger a 5 Dragons slot? With the free spins bonus, players have the opportunity to choose from 5 Dragon spins per slot (3 each for the x25 and x30 slots) and when the game ends, play 5 Free Spins each round (3 each).In our experience, as well as with a microgame, players are best suited to taking 2 free spins if they have 4 spins or 3 if they have 1. You can even play 5 Free Spins each round if your player pool has 4 spins. That said, in this case, you should take advantage of a mini-game to set up the spin that maximises rewards for the winner.
  • The game might seem simple, but once you've done it a few times you will find the game quite challenging for a beginner! After this review we received the 5 Dragons Slot machine by Aristocrat. Here is a video preview of how the game looks in action.At this time, we are working on a full size version of 4 Dragons in various games!
  • You can find details on the original 5 Dragons tournament site HERE. A new and exciting opportunity is now available to get involved in ancient feng shui! 5 Dragons players at Microgaming: How to play and why!
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