Methods of depositing money at online real money casinos

Do online casinos take Visa/Mastercard credit cards?

mastercard and visa deposit methods for online casinosCredit cards are naturally the preferred payment method by customers in any sort of e-commerce activity – this preference is hardly limited to casino players. Citizens of the United States and Canada are particularly susceptible to a catch here, though. In the US, the prevailing Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) does not technically ban players themselves from playing at whichever online casino they prefer, but does disallow financial institutions from carrying out transactions involving online gambling providers.

Canada has no such law in place, but since the great majority of banking in Canada is done via US-based multinational banks, citizens of America’s neighbors once again unwittingly find themselves bound by US law. 

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On the other hand, Canadian players are discovering that most smaller banks and credit unions will transact business at online casinos through use of a Visa or MasterCard bank card. Residents of Great Britain and European Union countries should face no such difficulties. Internet casinos offer players a great variety of payment methods to make deposits online along with the more traditional routes to purchase. Common options can be divided into five categories: credit/bank cards, eWallet solutions, prepaid cards, direct money transfers and mobile phone payment.

Are eWallets a good solution for depositing at online casinos?

Sure! eWallets are internet-based financial systems such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, which create a virtual account based on a bank account that allows for easy transferal of money online. The best news here is that PayPal is steadily returning its presence in online casinos after backing out of the business for much of the 2000s.  Neteller and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) have been allowed in many casinos and sportsbook websites since the dawn of internet gambling.

Do casino websites still take prepaid cards?prepaid cards for deposit methods at online casinos

Prepaid cards are often a good solution and are typically conveniently bought at a local store or newsstand and act like a bank card for electronic transactions. Online casinos may only accept certain types of prepaid cards, so the player should check to see where the given prepaid card can be used. Would-be North American players should check the prepaid card to ensure that said card is available for international use; since essentially no online casino operation is based in the US.

Is it possible to make a direct money transfer to a casino site?

Yes, just going to show that sometimes the old methods are the best. Direct money transfers involve either a bank-to-bank transaction or use of an established cash transfer service such as Western Union. The turnaround time with these payment methods isn’t quite instant but is usually accomplished within an hour. Espousers of this method cite its easy traceability and lack of mucking about.

What about bitcoin casinos?

As the US and some European countries slowly plod toward decriminalization of online gaming, savvy casino operators have discovered a 100% legal way to skirt UIGEA and any other international banking law. As a virtual currency, bitcoin is tied in to the market only and is not subject to control by any governmental body. Since no financial institutions are required to transact in bitcoin (excepting an initial outlay of purchasing one’s first bitcoins), no financial institution can block or disallow such transactions. Bitcoin makes for an easy way for North casinos that accept bitcoin as deposits and paymentAmericans and others to enjoy casino gaming online with peace of mind.

As for actually understanding and acquiring bitcoin, no worries! Casinos accepting bitcoin will typically guide you through the purchase process and, for easy reference, the bitcoin value is translated into a value of the currency of your choosing; thus while the deposit is made in bitcoins, the player wagers amounts of dollars/pounds/Euros/etc.