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Lord of Darkness is one of the few slot-able cards in the game to give you multiple effects that you can change if you choose at random, like, say, the effect in Curse of the Crimson Throne (which gives you 3 life). You can also choose to make your creatures immune to your opponent's abilities with its ability, allowing you to target them and killing creatures are just, ahem, easy. The next feature is the mainstay of any good lord of darkness deck, giving you the biggest creature and an extra attack, or, perhaps, the biggest creature and a +1/+1 for your entire team. The Vampire Princess of Darkness is made up entirely of the characters in this video. Of course, you'll have to consider which creature is biggest and what kind of effect it offers once you've drafted your first Lord of Darkness.

Lord of Darkness is an example of why games of other themes are great, that have a lot of fun and a great cast of characters.

I'll cover one more niche Lord of Darkness card (you'll hear more on that later). It's not as good as Lord of Darkness itself, but because of its inclusion in this category, I had to include it. This Lord of Darkness card's purpose is somewhat less clear. Lion the Lord is not an unusual slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay-lines – but that’s not to say it isn’t popular. He could be the best card in the board-state slot, providing a great burst of damage (ahem, that 'cursed' creature).

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Or, it could just replace one of your existing creatures in your deck or be a great threat to push your opponents off. I can think of a couple cases where I would like to see this card. Vampire Princess of Darkness is a real money, action wagering video slot game. My first thought would be that if a Lord of Darkness gets added to my deck and there are no other non-lord slots, I'd try this card as the second Lord of Darkness or to have some extra body to attack with.

The problem with that is, you can actually do both and you will have an unfair advantage. You need some creatures that you can remove or give a buff, so I'd rather not have them as Lord of Darkness in the Lord of Darkness slot. Tropical Adventure is being developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Stakelogic. The other problem with this card ifwere to see Lord of Darkness with this role is that he's expensive. The damage he does is only half of what you get out of the slot, and even then you probably want to add more creatures that help with this damage, though you could certainly consider keeping any two that can give you the same and give more damage.

We would want the power, but not the cost. The cards might be in the same slot, and so it feels like the card does something really useless and just gives you one random creature. White Buffalo Cluster Wins is a video slot with nine reels, seven rows and 40 reel positions in the free spins round. But if I add another Lord of Darkness, I'll find a lot more reason to run him. He really can turn the tides of a game thanks to his +3 attack that hits in your hand. This card can also give you extra creatures, like the 3/4 (or 4/4 if you have some creatures available).

His big threat is a +1/+1, which will make a great addition to your team, and his ability is nice and useful, allowing you to use your creatures to get rid of opposing creatures and deal big damage in a couple turns. Even if you don't have creatures available for his ability, the additional creatures add a decent amount of value. This Lord of Darkness also has a decent body, letting you attack multiple creatures at once with its power-boosting effect. This makes it a nice addition to the field at first, as you can make a 4/4 with all the life you're willing to give that's attacking, but his stats will get you there.

A lot of times, you'll want to take the body to add a stronger creature to your team as well. The 2 damage you get from the body will usually help your creatures deal more damage.

Additional information:

  • It is the perfect combination of video and payline slot games, which has created a fantastic slot machine experience that is worth a watch. The Lord of Darkness is also a very easy to use game. It's easy to load and play, but if you can be a bit careful it’s possible to lose money.Lord of Darkness is not a very hard game to finish, and it might be one your top picks for your next game night. For more information about Lord of Darkness and Stake Logic please visit here.
  • The Lord of Darkness will also have an interesting passive that we'll examine next. The Lord of Darkness now is the final Lord of Darkness slot.Also, you can gain charge for every 5 times you finish doing something.
  • It's going to be the perfect addition to your haunt list as well as the first of its kind. Lord of Darkness provides 30-minute, pay-ins to horror genre videos, but we'd suggest getting in as early as possible as the slots open and you can still enjoy it long after, but we think its quality outweighs its price. Lord of Darkness is our pick and you're very welcome to check out more of the Stake Logic Lord of Darkness offerings by following us on Instagram ‏@stokolord.
  • The reason being that Lord of Darkness, like so many video games, is about exploration. In this episode we talk all about our travels and all about what it would take to play Lord of Darkness.
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