Christmas Bingo Tournaments

Christmas Bingo Tournaments

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There are no minimums to enter the Christmas Bingo Tournament games and you always pay for any amount purchased. All of the games can be played on a full 9' x 11′ playmat and we offer a special Christmas Bingo Mat for all players. Printable Christmas Bingo Cards with Christmas Trees and Easter eggs! A free special Christmas Bingo Tournament Bingo Mat for all players from our store.

The Christmas Bingo Games come in a variety of sizes!

A free Christmas Bingo Tournament Holiday Pendant for all players from our store. All of our Thanksgiving games (with some exceptions) offer discounted admission. For every $5 that you spend by participating from Thursday to Sunday in the Holiday Bingo games, you will receive $2 off your full admission. Please note: The Christmas Bingo Tournament games can be played during the day if desired.

Christmas Bingo Tournament Games. If you need more info on this game, please visit the Bingo Website or call (614) 269-2729. You may enter a maximum of 5 games per calendar day. A player will need to choose at least 2 cards before the start of the Bingo Tournament game.

Additional information:

  • You just never know. Every Sunday you will play one of our games of Christmas Bingo, or, for those who like to learn, you can always check out our Christmas Bingo Tournament games, and if you are lucky enough to receive a Christmas Bingo Card while you are playing in a Bingo, your child and/or partner will receive their own free gift for the day.We thank you all again for all the support we have received through this campaign. Even if you did not win any rewards, your participation in the project was instrumental in getting Christmas Bingo on YouTube. You can see how much you all enjoyed this fun, entertaining program when we featured it on the Christmas 2016 Holiday Channel.
  • No matter what your group needs. As an instructor, it's your responsibility to give each class a nice personalized Christmas Bingo game.I'd love you to take advantage of our free, 3-5 hour game review and make sure you use our game review and bonus promo codes. For a limited time- use your promo code at checkout and earn a free, 3-5 hour bonus! And you‒re gonna need 3-5 hours to complete this Christmas Bingo game!
  • You can easily print out the printable and keep it in your classroom to let your teaching staff play in the holiday games! Get Started With Bingo! Happy holidays everyone! If you have any questions or comments about these Christmas Bingo printable games, please let us know in the comments (below).If everyone is having fun, you can even earn points for every game played by voting and commenting on any one of the printable games found on our store!
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Best Games, Best Bonuses, Best jackpot payouts!

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