How to Win Big in MMA Betting Like the Casino?

Mixed martial arts or “MMA” for short is the most exciting sport to bet on and if you do it right, you could make like hit triple 7’s at a casino slot machine.

Unless you’re going to make MMA betting your full-time job, you’ll probably dabble for fun. And when you’re betting for fun, you should think of playing it like a lottery with three exciting methods.

Even more exciting is when you avail of generous sportsbook bonuses simply by signing up. These deposit bonuses are available for most sportsbooks. You can even sign up to multiple books to get multiple bonuses.

With that free coin the books will throw, go wild, and find the best and most fun MMA bets that can win you a lot of cash. Just like the casino.

Find the best MMA bets, have fun, and win big

Sometimes betting on MMA is just like playing the casino. You’re doing it for fun and you’re not in it for money. But sometimes, you’ll hit the jackpot and come away with a lot of money. It’s your lucky night!

MMA betting can be a similar experience. Sure, more often than not the sportsbooks will clean up and the pros spend a crapload of money betting on heavy favourites that barely pay out. This is not fun.

Instead, let’s cover a variety of ways of making MMA betting fun and can potentially make you wealthy for one night.

Stack your parlays then pray

Parlays or accumulators are one of the easiest ways to push your betting odds to astronomical numbers. But you’ll also be playing the lottery here.

To cash out a parlay, you will need all of the bets you parlayed to win. That’s right. If you put five fighters on your parlay, each of them has to win. Even if our win but one loses (or draws), your parlay is sunk!

Plenty of the biggest payouts have come from parlay betting like some of these crazy fans who stacked insane parlays and cashed out big.

You can stack favourites and usually three will lead you to a payout greater than your wager but the more you put, the bigger your payout.

If you want a massive lottery-style parlay, pick all the fighters on the card and look at the mind-boggling payout. Alternatively, you can stack multiple underdogs into a parlay.

Find the biggest underdog then ride them home

The opposite of stacking parlays is to make one bet. In MMA events, there is almost always a big underdog lying around. In most cases, this big underdog will get their butts whooped. But sometimes, they shock everyone and make some overnight millionaires.

Take for example when Shana Dobson stunned Mariya Agapova just recently this year.

Dobson was as big as a +1150 underdog. This means a $100 bet would have paid out $1,150.

Look out for big underdogs every betting event and watch some of their fights or their opponents. Sometimes both the betting public and the oddsmakers get it so horribly wrong.

This may be the simplest and most accessible way to come away big in an MMA fight. The only thing is, these upsets rarely happen so you’ll need to be patient.

Hit the props and cross your fingers

You can go beyond betting on a fighter straight-up for a big payout. Some of the most lucrative bets available are prop bets.

Prop bets are side bets that deal with outcomes beyond winning a fight. This includes bets like:

  • Method of victory (knockout, submission, decision)
  • The first to finish
  • How many fights end in a submission or knockout
  • Which fight wins Fight of the Night
  • Round of victory


You will need to hunt for different props from different sportsbooks. Some books have a wild variety and some are a bit limited. Either way, you can come across massive props that pay out 10-1 or more.

If you want a prop that is going to be big, you will need one of two types of props.

The first is a bet on an underdog fighter to win via a certain way. If a fighter was already an underdog, betting on them to win by knockout or submission could be even bigger.

The second is a prop that deals with an arbitrary number. Like if you bet on exactly 4 fights to end in knockout or exactly three to end in a submission, expect a gigantic payout.

Of course, it is also incredibly difficult to hit these props. But this is where the gambling like a casino fun factor plays in. Your odds of hitting the big number in roulette are just as slim. But if it hits, oooh boy!

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