Can You Play No Deposit Casino Games and Win Real Money?

Everyone knows that bonuses are the foundation of online casino marketing, as no operator could survive without them. Game selection aside, they are gambling sites’ first allure, the reason why most players choose to sign up with a given platform. This industry is famous for its variety regarding the many promo deals it provides, but one that stands out from the pack is the no deposit casino bonus. It is an offer that every player is ready to scour the internet for, guided by the belief that it will lead to free gambling.

If you are a newbie and unfamiliar with these types of promos, let us cut to the chase. Though theoretically, it is possible to win real money when utilizing such a deal, in most cases, it is unlikely. The goal of these promotions is to get you to test the operator’s games without having to deposit any funds in your casino account. They usually only provide a small amount in free-play funds, in the range of $10 to $20, and they carry large wagering requirements that you are unlikely to fulfill.

They are the bait that gets you to register with an operator, who is hoping that once you run through your free credits, you will make a deposit and continue on your gaming adventure. Seek guidance from professional online guides to learn how to properly sign-up for an online casino.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a promotional offer that platforms provide as a reward for creating an account. It is a prize that consists of free-playing funds or free spins. Remember that if you see a casino advertising a no deposit bonus of $20, that does not mean that you will get $20 for withdrawal. What you are getting is a $20 casino credit, money that you can only spend on that particular site playing its games.

Almost all of these offers have high wagering requirements, and they only let you use your free-play funds on specific games. A wagering requirement, also known as a rollover, is a multiplier that tells you how many times you will have to play through your bonus funds before you can remove any winnings from your casino account. Most no deposit bonuses have one that is at least x35. Furthermore, they will only allow you to use up your free-play cash or spins on pre-defined slots, which will undoubtedly be high variance ones. Those are titles that payout mainly substantial wins very rarely. They also often feature a payback percentage that is lower than the industry standard of 96%. Such a combo makes it hard for you to land a winning symbol combination with a limited number of spins available.

It is best to think of these deals as a small gift for signing-up. They let you test-run the casino with the stipulation that hypothetically, you stand a chance to win a real money reward if you get lucky. In that aspect, they differ from regular demo-play. These offers also usually incorporate a promo code of some sort, so be on the lookout for those.

Other Types of Bonuses

Now that we got no deposit deals out of the way, what other types of promos can you expect after you set sail on your gaming journey?

The bonus you will most likely encounter first in the world of online gambling is the initial deposit one. Most casinos offer them, and it usually consists of the combo of a percentage matching offer and some free spins. However, it can also be only one of these. The typical welcome offer features a percentage match of 100% or more up to a specific amount. For illustration purposes, let us say that the specified sum is $100. So, if you deposit $100, you will get an additional $100 in casino funds, making your total gambling balance $200. The wagering requirements of these offers can increase along with their percentage-match and the specified maximum amount. A promo such as the one described will likely have a lower rollover than one that gives away funds in the thousands. That said, all this is up to the operator.

Reload bonuses are similar deals that match deposits made within a specific hourly period or on a set day. They also complement your deposit amount with a fixed matching percentage, usually hovering around 50%, up to a certain sum.

A free spins bonus is self-explanatory. You get a specific number of complimentary reel rotations on a given game or a set of titles. Again, these are likely to be high variance slots with below-average RTPs. If you get lucky on one of your complimentary reel rotations, you get to take home a prize. Know that each spin will have a maximum bet amount and a max reward. So, you will not be able to land a life-altering win on the platform’s dime. Almost all slots have bonus rounds that provide complimentary spins, and in those modes lies their max win potential.

A cashback bonus is a rarer deal than those mentioned above. It is a promo where the operator returns a specified percentage of your accumulated losses over a set period, a week, or a month. He can provide this return in the form of cash or casino credits. Such deals usually get reserved for loyal players or high-rollers.

Suggestions for the Proper Use of Casino Bonuses

Never gamble using a VPN or attempt to claim multiple bonuses by masking your IP address. All promos have a clause that states – an offer per household. If an operator notices that you are faking your access point, trying to claim multiple offers, he can close your account and confiscate your funds. Read the casino’s terms and conditions to learn if he can legally do so.

Know that not all games contribute the same to fulfilling a wagering requirement. For most bonuses, only slots contribute 100%. That means that a $100 bet counts as $100 toward the amount necessary for you to complete the bonus requirement. Reel-spinners have a 100% contribution because they feature a house edge of 4% or higher. For comparison, when utilizing a betting strategy on blackjack, its house edge goes down to 0.5%. That is why it and other table games contribute to most bonus requirements with only 10%. Meaning, if you bet $100 on blackjack, only $10 gets counted toward your rollover. That is why it is best to stick to low variance slots. Reel-spinners that frequently payout small wins. They are the safest way to fulfilling a deal’s rollover.

Always read the terms and conditions of every specific bonus you plan on claiming and the terms of the casino itself. They may contain fine print that has been purposefully left-out of ads not to alienate you. Learning these tidbits may save you time and hassle. For example, most sites will not let you claim offers if you deposit funds via e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, and the eligible games may be unavailable for players from your region.

You should also partner only with reputable sites that have a decent industry-standing. Shady operators can welch on a deal. They can list an obscure reason as to why they do not plan on fulfilling the advertised arrangement. If the casino has no gaming license, you have no one to turn to in the case of a dispute. There is no impartial arbitrator, and you are at the mercy of the operator, who will always look out for his best interests.

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