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With an eye to keeping customers happy, Microgamer created the "Pretty Kitty" slot machine by combining a cute cat with a sparkling gem. A cute cat can be made by a cat, which gets a tiny little gem stuck into its paws that resembles a heart at the end of its nose in the form of a cute pink heart. Microgaming's Pretty Kitty has a $20 initial purchase price which is $20 per pet. Once that price tag is reached, you are charged $9. 99 for each pet, or $12. Princess of Paradise also includes casino bonus cards, to help it win when it lands. 99 per hour from 9pm to 5:30am EST on every Monday through Saturday.

The Pretty Kitty Slot is not shown on any of the pictures

I tried both of the new Pretty Kitty slot machines and they were incredibly similar. When placed next to each other, I felt as if I was in a pet zoo with the adorable pets all playing together! My kitty looked really cute and it really brought the kitty into the world of this slot machine. The Cat Prince will also feature a game board and some cards that you will only play in multiplayer mode. A little more cat looks great, too!

Pretty Kitty is a 20-payline video slot with 5 reels and 3 rows –that is, the game uses a whopping 243 ways to win system, meaning that symbols simply need to land on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

After checking out the newest version of Pretty Kitty (which is available online to buy now for $12. 99 each, I decided to try out the $10 pet-based slot machine. Kitty's Luck Slot Machine has been released for Windows 8 and 10. This pet slot looks incredibly similar to Microgaming's version.

New - Pretty Penny Slot Machine, Bonus

New - Pretty Penny Slot Machine, Bonus

Video selected by: SF Studio

As with the cat slot, there are no pet requirements for either slot machine. Once again, the pet based "Pretty Kitty" slot has no pet requirements, so it feels like they are trying to stay with the cat/cat play style which works for them. Gems and the City is currently available for Android devices by Google Play. And what happens when you use the Pretty Kitty as an Internet Party Robot instead of a slot machine? The "Pretty Kitty" slot machine went on to win the "Online Party Robot" category at the World Dogpetting Convention, beating over 20 different other entries for the title.

It seems like microgaming has been taking this cute cat/pet craze to its logical conclusion. Instead of building an online party in the hopes of building an online pet, they were able to bring the cat genre out into the real world with their new online pet slot. Cats Casino Slots normally has a marked feature. I would like to reiterate that while Microgaming's new pet slot works a bit differently, I would still recommend placing cute cat/pet slots online with Microgaming. I hope they were able to find this cute kitty slot somewhere and incorporate it into a wider version of their online slot.

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I also hope they don't make all of their online pet slots just adorable kitties!


These slots can be used in pairs, or in one person slots. To use the Pretty Kitty, you'll need an eye-hook or two eye hooks. The Pretty Kitty also has a very good number of slots. Here is an image of the Pretty Kitty set up.

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