Once you learn Roulette its an easy and quite fun game

don't land on that zero in roulette as its a sure loserWell, online roulette is a game of sheer luck, but there are mathematically sound ways to increase your chances of winning, or rather, minimize your losses – if you can remember a few basic facts and “systems.” Note the quotation marks there; for purposes of this webpage, “systems” are merely guidelines to help you conservatively place bets in roulette.

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Do systems for roulette exist and can I win with these systems?

Sure, if you’re gullible enough!the roulette wheel is the heart of this exciting

Here’s an example. Check out this hastily archived document detailing the “Mayer Roulette Strategy.” My, doesn’t it seem impressive and authoritative, with its 12 chapters spread over 46 pages. “Author” Alex Mayer even knows the correct plural of “appendix” – and this book has appendices with references and everything; it must be legit!


The key bit of this obfuscating BS appears on page 3: “[I]t is important that you open an online casino account.” Naturally, Mr. Mayer has a perfect suggestion for you.

“First open an account here at this location,” Mayer writes. (Happily, archive.org has eliminated the embedded link, certain to unleash at very least a gnarly wave of spam to your email. “This system works best at this casino … It is important that you use this exact link as it has particular benefits for you that will,” cautions this “guidebook.”

Right, because “this casino” has a completely different sort of roulette game at which the player’s odds are much better – *if you use the Mayer System* as well, of course. If your nonsense detectors aren’t going full blast by now, you probably ought to stay out of online casinos altogether.

Sadly, many continue to be duped by scams such as these and apparently will continue to do so, handing over money with a complete lack of critical assessment.

One more time: The first thing to realize when you’re playing online roulette is that – in case you haven’t heard – it’s basically a game of pure luck. While hucksters may promise ‘systems’ for finding ‘patterns’ in roulette, you can rest assured that they’re selling you a bill of goods.

On the other hand, few games provide the thrill of winning big at a moment’s notice in the same way roulette does.

What’s a good strategy for roulette, then?

In order to maximize your playing time, however, one must learn a few key facts about the game and perhaps even what might be called a “strategy for roulette.”

• Never forget that every spin of the wheel is an independent event. This is the most difficult concept for the average person to get his or her head around, as empirically your eyes are telling you something different and your mind is futilely searching for patterns. The random-seeming combination of outcomes 39-14-9-11-25-23 is just as likely as 1-2-3-4-5-6 or 20-20-20-20-20-20 or, for that matter, 16-1-18-00-27-33! Or any six-digit combination you can think of! Trends mean nothing in roulette!

• After a winning spin, increase your bets *slightly* on the next spin – don’t just blindly double up! Think of it as a little “free money,” but don’t go overboard. A win can mean extra earnings for you when consecutive!

roulette strategy for those trying to gain an edge • Try this: Bet 1/3 of your stake on the first column, 1/3 on the third column, and 1/3 on black. This way, you have all numbers except 0, 00, 5, 14, 23, and 32 covered. This way, you have an almost 2/3 chance of at least breaking even, including a 1/3 chance of profiting when a black number in the first or third column hits. The only problem with this method of play is the boredom factor, but it could win you some quick cash in a few lucky spins.

• The best way to increase your chances of winning at roulette, however, would appear to be journalist Andres Martinez’ “Dopey Experiment.” Divide your total budget for gambling into 35 equal pieces and bet the same amount on the same number on every spin of the online roulette wheel. The chance that you will hit your number within the 35 spins, and thus turn a profit, is 3/5. But where’s the sport in that?

Where can I play roulette online for free or real money?

You’ve come to the right place! Try a roulette game online through any of our partnering casinos listed on our website. All casinos linked here have demonstrated best practices and fair play, providing a safe and secure gaming experience!