Various casino bonuses for real money play online

What are some types of casino bonuses?

free online casino bonus for real money play Free play bonuses are most commonly seen with initial deposit as well. A casino offering a free play bonus will give away a number of free spins on a specific game or even the entire catalog of casino games. Free-play bonus offers are often tied in with the release of a franchise-based slot or are touted by new casino outlets looking to establish a customer base. Seasoned players know that, if you spot this kind of bonus offer, take advantage!

No-deposit bonuses are exactly what they sound like: Free play on a (very) limited scale. Becoming rarer but still offered a few choice online casinos, somewhere between $7 and $20 in free play for VIP customers or first-time depositors is sometimes gifted. While no-deposit bonuses are technically getting something for nothing, it ain’t much more than nothing – literally a few spins

Deposit bonuses are, simply put, the most common online casino bonuses after the welcome bonus. As such, these bonuses can vary wildly in size, scope and all-important play through requirements. In general, we can say that these are most frequently rewarded as a percentage of the given deposit, with 100%, i.e. a doubling of playing money, seemingly the most common bonus figure.  Naturally, regular players will receive more of these offers.

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As opposed to welcome bonuses, which are awarded strictly upon a player’s first visit to an online casino, other casino bonuses may be awarded multiple times or seasonally. Though we may categorize nearly every online casino bonus other than the welcome bonus, these typically have at least one feature in common: They are usually based on the size of deposit and the maximum bonus reward is almost always limited.

High-roller bonuses award the bigger-budgeted of players with a higher percentage match on casino bonuses. High-rollers may also be targeted in welcome bonus offers, and the veteran high-rolling player will be able to cash in on several bonuses at once when checking out a new spot.

Cash back or “reload” bonuses are offered by some casinos, especially to regulars; these return a certain amount of the player’s losses as a “reload” in his/her account at the end of some designated time period, typically month’s end.

Referral bonuses are given by some online casinos – though the number appears to be decreasing steadily through the years – to players who recommend the site to friends. If the referral makes a deposit with the casino, the player will be credited an amount usually between $20 and $100.

Special bonuses are everything not covered in the above, including seasonal bonuses (the Christmas/New Year’s season is, as you’d expect, particularly fruitful for these); special-occasion promotions (some casinos offer “free chips” on birthdays or to denote a half-year with the casino, etc.) or prizes earned through loyalty points, a.k.a. member back bonus for real money at online casinos

Anything else I should know about casino bonuses?

Yes. We realize it’s a pain in the butt, but read that small print in the “terms & conditions” text you are shown upon registration. You absolutely must know the details of the play through requirements before accepting a bonus. Bonus playing money is fantastic, but actually turning it into bankable winnings is far better.